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Let's Talk.

2523 Ritchie Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45208


Susan Autran is a strategic interpreter. 
She’s working to dissolve cultural barriers in Cincinnati’s professional community.

Susan earned her bachelor’s in Chinese language and literature and spent a year immersed in Chinese culture. She also has a background in French, and lived in France for five years.


Her social savviness and dense multicultural knowledge makes her an excellent educator. She’s taught several languages and developed language curriculum for Cincinnati-area schools.



Strategic Interpreting

Susan believes in using mutual understanding as a platform for communication. She can help you enrich your negotiations with international business partners by providing tools that will make your meetings run more smoothly. Her intimate experience with multiple cultures will be integral in strengthening your client relationships.

Culture-Forward Education

Susan is an experienced language educator and course builder. Her innovative teaching approach uses sensory experiences and cultural immersion to apply language concepts to the real world. By finding more effective methods to teach language, she can help students to learn more quickly, and understand language more deeply.


"We can't ignore the rest of the world as global business continues to expand."